Ti-Dox EnviroTek Ltd.

Ti-Dox EnviroTek Ltd.
#2231, 1818 Simcoe Blvd., SW
Calgary AB
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Company Description:

After a decade of research, development and testing, Reinhard Schuetz, P. Eng. and Dean Neitz formed Ti-DOX EnviroTek Ltd. (Calgary, AB) to commercialize the Ti-DOX 'HydroxylizAire' Air Purification Unit.

The featured technology destroys harmful airborne contaminants (eg: Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites and Toxic Chemicals) which can easily pass through existing filtration devices, are dispersed via ventilation systems and typically considered instigators of Sick Building Syndromes (SBS), Common Respiratory Issues (CRI) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). .

Show Specials:

2023 Calgary Renovation Show Special, Ti-DOX will be offering a promotional discount valued at $150/HydroxylizAire Unit valid for purchases in January 2023.

New Products

The Ti-DOX 'HydroxylizAire' is 'not a filter', but an unrivaled air purification unit capable of simultaneously destroying airborne germs and toxins via attachment to and interconnection of hot-cold ventilation ducts of centralized forced air systems

Certifications & Awards

'Canadian' and 'United States' patent approvals for featured technology

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